ACGME Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

ACGME Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

We improve health care by assessing and advancing the quality of resident physicians' education through accreditation.


We imagine a world characterized by:

  • a structured approach to evaluating the competency of all residents and fellows;
  • motivated physician role models leading all GME programs;
  • high-quality, supervised, humanistic, clinical educational experience, with customized formative feedback;
  • residents and fellows achieving specialty-specific proficiency prior to graduation; and
  • residents and fellows prepared to become Virtuous Physicians who place the needs and well-being of patients first.


  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Excellence and Innovation
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • Fairness and Equity
  • Stewardship and Service
  • Engagement of Stakeholders

Strategic Priorities

  • Foster Innovation and improvement in the learning environment
  • Increase the accreditation emphasis on educational outcomes
  • Increase efficiency and reduce burden in accreditation
  • Improve communication and collaboration with key external stakeholders

Core Staff Values

  • Customer Focus
  • Integrity/Ethics
  • Results Focus
  • Teamwork