ACGME Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

Resident Services


Resident Services was established by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) to help physicians in graduate medical education (GME) receive fair solutions to residency training-related concerns and formal complaints.  

When a concern, which is different than a formal complaint (see Procedures for Addressing Complaints against Residency Programs and Sponsoring Institutions), is submitted, it plays no role in accreditation.

Concerns submitted do not affect the institution and/or program’s accreditation status while formal complaints may affect the institution and program’s accreditation status. 

Resident Services investigates, in a confidential manner, specific concerns brought to it by physicians in GME (residents, fellows, and faculty members) when the existing channels of communication or dispute resolution have proven unsatisfactory.

The specific duties of Resident Services are:

  • to determine the facts in each case;
  • to work with the concerned physician and designated institutional official (DIO) in seeking a satisfactory resolution;
  • to call attention to any injustices and abuses of power or discretion;
  • and to recommend the use of the formal complaint process for violation of ACGME Institutional and Program Requirements.

If, in the judgment of Resident Services, any given case suggests a need for change to specific institutional, common program requirements, procedures, or policies, Resident Services will direct its recommendation to the Chief Executive Officer.  

Before contacting Resident Services,

  • please bring your concerns and complaints to the institution’s designated institutional official (DIO), unless there is a good reason to proceed directly to Resident Services. 
  • and please review “Distinguishing Between Concerns and Formal Complaints - FAQs.” under Resident Resources at

For assistance, please contact us at

Marsha Miller , MA
Associate Vice President of Resident Services