ACGME Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education

Resident-Fellow Survey

The ACGME’s Resident-Fellow Survey is an additional method to monitor graduate medical clinical education and to provide early warning of potential non-compliance with ACGME accreditation standards. All specialty and subspecialty programs (regardless of size) will be surveyed every year between January and June.

Assuming that at least 70% of your residents/fellows have completed the survey and that your program has at least 4 residents/fellows responding, summary reports for your program will be available annually through ADS. For programs with less than 4 residents/fellows who meet the 70% compliance rate, reports will only be available on an aggregated basis after at least 3 years of survey reporting has taken place.

A Sample General Survey (PDF) is not available because unlike previous years, there is not a single, unique survey being administered. We are using a bank of questions from which the Resident Survey is comprised, and depending on their responses, and level of education, residents and fellows may not all see the same questions. We continue to focus on general content areas (duty hours, faculty, evaluation, education content, resources, patient safety, and teamwork) rather than individual questions.Resident Survey Level of Training Guide

Resident Survey Question Content Areas

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